Coverage Summary

What is insured?

Infringement Liability

  • Defence costs and/or damages for intellectual property actions brought against you
  • The defence costs may include experts’ fees
  • Extensions of cover include defence costs incurred for directors’ infringement where they are brought into an action, obligation to contracting parties and product infringement recall costs

Infringement Assertion

  • Assertion costs for intellectual property actions brought by you.
  • Assertion costs may include experts fees
  • Extensions of cover include contractual disputes

Limits of indemnity

  • Limits of indemnity (any one claim and in the aggregate) EUR 1,000,000
  • Infringement Assertion: 50% of the chosen limit of indemnity

What is not insured?

  • Costs incurred without insurers’ consent;
  • Any co-insurance amount and the amount of excess or deductible you are responsible for and shown in the Schedule;
  • Any claim not involving the business activity declared and shown in the Schedule;
  • Any criminal proceedings;
  • Any claim falling outside of the Territory shown below (see Where am I covered) and in the Schedule;
  • Civil claims relating to injury, disease or death;
  • Any payroll related costs, including witness attendance costs that are incurred by any person representing you as an employee or internal staff;
  • Circumstances which you knew or should have known or occurred prior to inception of the policy;
  • Any taxes, fines or penalties, consequential damages, punitive or exemplary damages or any other non-compensatory damages;
  • Costs incurred in procuring, prosecuting, maintaining, monitoring or collating your intellectual property;
  • Damages for wilful infringement and any future or on-going royalties;
  • Any claim relating to domain names where you fail to seek resolution through ICANN;
  • Any costs awarded against you as a result of you behaving unreasonably and unacceptably;
  • Any costs of a counterclaim unless it is as defined in the policy document.